Because every student is unique and has individual goals for their piano study, the following courses of study will be offered. Please check the box on your registration form to indicate your choice of study.


Educational/Enrichment Track

This track is intended for the average student, for whom the study of piano is part of an already full and busy life. The student can progress at his/her own pace, without the pressures of deadlines and outside evaluations. The student will be expected to attend their lessons and practice for the minimum amount.

If suitably prepared, the student will be invited to participate in our Studio's Christmas and Spring Recitals, Recital Master/Performance classes, as well as the Broward County Musicthon fundraiser. Outside performance opportunities will be optional.


Conservatory Track

This track is for the serious musician. To accomplish everything that needs to be addressed at each lesson, the student must take a one hour lesson. Very young students (as determined by the teacher) may opt for a 45 minute lesson.

The student will be expected to practice at least 1 hour per day, even more as they move into more advanced repertoire. He/she will be expected to participate in FSMTA District VI, Student Day Evaluations, attend the theory classes, FFMC's Festival, National Guild Auditions, Studio recitals, and Musicthon.

Students will be expected to arrive at lessons, with all necessary materials, having fully prepared for the lesson by consistent practice throughout the week.

If a student habitually arrives ill-prepared (for example: without music books, theory work is incomplete, or evident lack of practice) or does not sufficiently prepare or participate in studio events, such as FSMTA Student Day, Federation, Guild Auditions or Studio Recitals, the teacher reserves the right to discuss the lack of progress/participation with the student and parent and to place the student back into the less demanding Educational track.


Competition Track

This track is for the very serious music student who is interested in devoting the necessary time to preparing for competitive events. This may require extensive amounts of practice time and sacrifice on the part of the student or the parents, as far as scheduling other activities. The wonderful thing about these students, is that they don't mind the sacrifice!