Guild Audition Information

Guild Audition dates for 2019 are Tues May 28, 29, 30, 2019. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Guild Auditions will be held at our studio and at the Pink Church in Pompano Beach.

We are working to  schedule students and will give you your Guild date and time within the next two weeks. If you are not participating in Guild Auditions, we will reschedule your lesson the week of TBA. Students participating in Guild will not have a regular lesson the week of May TBA

  1. Please bring with you all of the music you will be playing for the judge. Only original music, no photocopies will be allowed.
  2. Your measures must be numbered
  3. Please dress very nicely as you will be playing for a professional pianist and adjudicator and you will want that person to know that you respect them and the audition process. If you are coming from school, your uniform will be acceptable. Please, no sneakers or shorts.
  4. Clean and trim fingernails.
  5. Have fun!!!!!  Your audition is for membership into the National Fraternity of Student Musicians. It is an evaluation, not a competition.

The National Guild of Piano Teachers is one of the most important divisions of the American College of Musicians (AMC). The primary function of the NGPT is to establish definite goals and awards for piano students of all ages, grades and levels.

Since I am an active member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers (Teachers Division of American College of Musicians) and a Sponsor-Member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians (Student Division of American College of Musicians), my goal is to have as many of my pupils qualify for NFSM Membership as are able to meet the following requirements.


  • A student must be a pupil of a member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers. Guild guidance throughout the year in piano study insures definite, classified progress in accord with school, conservatory, college, and university requirements.
  • Students may participate in Guild Auditions in many classifications. They may perform a minimum of 1 or a maximum of 20 memorized pieces and Musicianship Phases for entry in the non-competitive Annual National Piano Playing Auditions. Those performing 1 piece qualify as Pledges in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians; those learning 2-3 pieces are admitted to Local Membership in the NFSM; those playing 4-6 pieces becme District Members; each doing 7-9 pieces attain State Membership; students who present programs of 10-14 pieces win National NFSM Membership; and International Membership is awarded to students performing 15-20 selections. (Students entering the Duets classification may enroll to perform one to three duets. Students enrolling in the ensemble classification may perform one ensemble.)
  • Students must be enrolled by their Sponsor/Member (teacher) at least 21 days prior to the beginning date of the audition center auditions. We are privileged to be included among the members of the Coral Springs Audition Center  which holds auditions in May of each year. There is a fee for auditions, due the first week in April.
  • Each student must appear before the Guild examiner (judge) at the appointed time. Since Guild Auditions are generally considered a legitimate excuse for absence, parents may request permission from school authorities for their children to be absent to perform in the National Piano Playing Auditions.


Each parent is urged to cooperate with the teacher (Mrs. Purchase) to the fullest extent before and during the National Auditions so that the best possible preparation may culminate in the most successful Audition results and musical development

Students participating in Guild Auditions each year will receive the following rewards:

1) A Membership Certificate according to classification. 2) An NFSM Membership Pin in Bronze (Pledge, Local and District), Silver (State), or Gold (National or International). 3) A copy of the Analysis Chart and Report Card signed by the Guild examiner. 4) The student's name on his/her teachers NFSM Certificate to be framed and hung in the Sponsors studio. 5) The Ten-Year National Winner also receives the Paderewski Memorial Gold Medal; the Fifteen-Year National Winner also receives the Irl Allison International Medal. 6) When a student is a High School senior, he/she may become a candidate for the Guild's "Regular" High School Diploma in Piano. 7) Every Pupil who has been a National or International Winner for a minimum of 10 years with grades totaling at least 140 more C's (commendations) than A's (needs "Attention"), has received the Paderewski Medal, and has been a recipient of the Guild "Regular" High School Diploma qualifies to be awarded a $200.00 Scholarship (to be used for piano study at the college of his/her choice or advanced study with a private teacher of his/her choosing).