We will be participating in FSMTA (Florida State Music Teacher's Association) Student Day, National Guild Auditions, Pompano Beach Piano Competition, and BCMTA Musicthon as well as the Federated Music Clubs of America and Federation Festival. We will also be celebrating the Christmas Holiday season with an intimate recital at New Presbyterian Church, occasional nursing home visits, as well as our annual Spring Recital. For information on the fees involved with these activites, please click here.

Not every event will be appropriate for every student. Some events have entry fees and require additional time and commitment to diligent practicing. Others require a sweet spirit and a willingness to share what you have learned, musically, with others. Students should prayerfully consider participating in events that meet their personal goals and objectives for the year, as well as their future.

Performance Opportunities & Responsibilities

During the course of our time together, students will be offered many opportunities to perform in public. There will be times when I will invite students to participate in a recital, musicale, or competition. There will be other times when students are invited to perform at school, church or community functions.

I want all public performances to be positive experiences for my students, and want them to present themselves as well-prepared as possible. To this end, I request that all public performances be planned in advance, with me, before they are scheduled. We can then choose a repertoire that we know will be well prepared and ready for performance. This quality of performance will reflect positively on my students, their families, and this Studio. I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this regard.